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Capulet… Montague… Pipeworks… What’s In a Name?

Pipeworks- Any Other Name 6% abv. Poured into:  Wine & Whiskey Country snifter, Evil Twin Brewing stemmed craft glass Appearance:  Unfiltered, pastel honey body with an off-white head.  Good head retention, but it eventually dies down.  Minuscule bubbles zip up from the bottom of the glass. Aroma:  Lemon, spices, and a definite floral character… must […]

Dark City Goes Dark: Boom! Roasted – Coffee IPA

On the docket:  16oz. can of Dark City’s Boom! Roasted Coffee IPA Poured into:  Wine & Whiskey Country stemmed snulip S:  Hazy pale-gold with a merengue head.  Sustained retention.  Tiny, zippy bubbles wend their way to the top. A:  When taken in colder, the hops are definitely the dominant note.  Bright stone fruit notes of […]

Blanc-et Generalization: Pintar Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2016

Pintar 2016 Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand) 5 ounces poured into:  Wine Country stemmed wine glass Sight:  Pale yellow-green with a silver glow Aroma:  Tropical fruit salad of passionfruit, gooseberry, lime.  A hint of lemon grass. Taste:  Stonefruit, white peach, nectarine and honeydew melon.  Tropical sweetness and tartness. Feel:  Medium-light, fresh, a bit zesty.  Crisp.  […]

Turn it Up to 11: Shoebelation

On the docket:  22 oz.  Clown Shoes/Schmaltz Brewing Collaboration:  Shoebelation   Poured into:  Wine & Whiskey Country stemmed snulip   S:  A deep honey-brown body sporting crimson highlights.  The head wells up in a mocha cap with good staying power (exact bottle date unknown, but on the fresher side).  Lacing left behind is leggy and […]

Summer In-cider’s Look: Our Craft Cider Selection

With hot days and the occasional cool nights, why not take a break from the usual wine and beer options, and try a hard cider?  I’m not referring to those sickly sweet offerings by Boston Beer Co. (Angry Orchard) or the one with the groundhog on the pack.  I’m referring to our craft ciders.  In […]

One For the Now: California Project Pinot Grigio

California Project Pinot Grigio, Non-vintage 5 ounces poured into:  Wine Country stemmed wine glass Sight:  Very pale golden, clear, clean Aroma:  Subtle nose of lemon, slight tartness Taste:  A small thread of Meyer lemon, plus citrus, and light, zippy tart acidity Feel:  Light, crisp.  What you want for casual company, a hot day, and a […]

Sure to Win: Victor Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon

On the docket:  Victor Vineyards 2013 Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL Poured into:  Wine & Whiskey Country glass S:    Red-violet meniscus that rings around a deep, intense ruby red body. A:  At the first inhale one gets sweet black cherry jam. There’s some pleasing alcohol present.  Subtle spice. T:  The black cherry continues, but not as […]

Double Your Chocolate, Double Your Fun

On the docket:  Rogue’s Double Chocolate Stout Poured into:  Wine & Whiskey Country glass S:  Opaque umber liquid fills up the glass, topped by a thick, mocha head.  Minimal lacing and staying power.  This is certainly not a fresh bottle, though the age is undetermined.  Particulate settles on the bottom bowl of the glass. A:  […]

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