The Store, it is a Changin’

I’ve never been a fan of change, at least its own sake.  However, when it results in improvement, I’ll embrace it.  That said, there’s been some changes in the store.  Have you noticed them?  The next time you’re in (if you already haven’t) check out our new Whiskey Showcase.  We’ve relocated all the Whiskey, regardless of type or country, to a new shelving unit that sits along the front wall of our store.  We put quite a bit of thought into its organization.  Overall, the specific types of whiskey are grouped together.  Look for rye whiskey more towards the cigar cases.  Want American sour-mash or some great sipping bourbon?  It’s consolidated for easy browsing.  In the mood for something lighter and more delicate?  All the Irish whiskey, including a store (and customer) and favorite, Kern, is located in the middle of the wall.  Want something exotic?  Try Amrut, from India.  Want something to sip with your haggis?  The sections closest to the entrance door feature our Scotch whisky, be they single malt (arranged by region of Scotland) or the ubiquitous blends with the man in the coattails.

Craft beer drinkers, did you notice the different shelving in the make-your-own sections?  I felt they were a nicer way to showcase our single cans and bottles.

Any port fans out there?  You’ll now find them in their own section on the back side of the very first wooden rack as you enter the store.

We’re also going to be expanding our liquor selection to include grappa, Armagnac, and other sip-worthy liquids.

Stay tuned, and stay thirsty.

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