Summer In-cider’s Look: Our Craft Cider Selection

With hot days and the occasional cool nights, why not take a break from the usual wine and beer options, and try a hard cider?  I’m not referring to those sickly sweet offerings by Boston Beer Co. (Angry Orchard) or the one with the groundhog on the pack.  I’m referring to our craft ciders.  In addition to six-packs, there is now an entire make-your-own shelf devoted to cider.  Want something crisp and traditionally English, try the Ace- started by to ex-British who moved to California and opened the first craft cidery in the state.  Feeling a bit more adventurous?  Try one of the flavored ciders by Cider Boys in  Wisconsin.  Want to go local?  Ironbound is produced in Newark, though the orchards are in central Jersey.

For those interested in farmhouse-style cider, you can find 750mL bottles above the American craft beer 22oz. and 750mL bottles.

Thirsty yet?  I know I’m ex-cidered.

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